Lord, Hear Our Prayers

Please keep in your prayers Helen Trabue, who has been dealing with unexplained pain. We pray for God’s wisdom as she works with doctors. Be mindful, too, of Roy Smith, who continues to receive rehab care. We pray, finally, for all those who are in need of healing and comfort.


You’ve heard about the new Fellowship of Twelve group, a leadership development opportunity, which met for the first time Aug. 27. As another step forward in our intentional ministry plan called “Living Our Call,” we pray for Alice Cannon, Joyce Crowell, Melanie Gao, Jackie Halstead, Johanna Keith, Bob Lyons, Malinda Moseley, Kennedy Shuler, Helen Trabue, Kara Reed and Thomas Kleinert.


Prayers and donations are being offered on behalf of Hurricane Harvey victims. Please consider making a donation to Week of Compassion or to a relief agency of your choice. Rev. Terri Hord Owens, Disciples’ general minister and president and Vy Nguyen, Week of Compassion executive director, share this insight to the aftermath of Harvey.

Hurricane Harvey Relief

Continue your prayers, please, as Texas and Louisiana suffer from Hurricane Harvey and its continuing storms and flooding.

Want to make a difference? Week of Compassion offers this advice: Pray, stay and donate. Pray for this situation. Stay at home; there will be time for relief efforts later. Donate, allowing Week of Compassion partners/first responders to have resources they need now. Watch Week of Compassion's Facebook feed for updates. Click here to donate through Week of Compassion.


A Sunday Update

Today in worship we remembered in prayer the following people and situations:

• The people of Texas and all those affected by Hurricane Harvey

• The family and friends of the Rev. Bill Barnes. Perhaps the leading advocate for affordable housing in our city, Rev. Barnes died Aug. 21. Read the obituary here.

Martin, a friend and co-worker of Jeff Miller, who is having heart surgery Monday

Debra Cannon, who asks for prayers for her mother, Marie Chambers. It appears Marie had a stroke this weekend in Chattanooga. Marie is home now and appears to be OK.

Roy Smith continues to receive rehab care locally.

Bruce Oulson had a brief hospital stay this week for what turned out to be a shoulder issue; we pray for healing.

Johanna Keith asks for prayers for the Cahill family. John Cahill died Thursday. He is survived by his wife Bess and daughters Avery and Mallory.

• Congratulations to Rebecca and Kyle Collier, who have new jobs! Rebecca is serving as school counselor at J.E. Moss Elementary School in Antioch. Kyle now works for Pioneer Restoration, a Bend, Oregon-based company preparing to open an office in Nashville.

We shared a blessing today for teachers and learners as we anticipate a new Christian education season, beginning Sunday, Sept. 3.

Finally, traveling mercies are shared on behalf of Rev. Hope Hodnett who is traveling to east Tennessee for a clergy retreat this week.

May God's blessings be ever present....

Diane Craver

Diane Craver has died. She was a friend of this church and a dear friend to Roger Young. Funeral arrangements are being handled by Harpeth Hills Memory Gardens, Funeral Home & Cremation Center. May God’s presence bring comfort to Roger and all of Diane’s family and friends.

Becky Adames

Please keep Becky & Angel Adames in your prayers. Becky's mother, Beverly Brown, died Friday in Columbus, Ohio. A memorial service is being planned for Aug. 5 at Northwest Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Upper Arlington, Ohio. May God's presence bring comfort and peace to this family, along with all who watch or weep or mourn this day.

The Rumburg family

Greg Rumburg's father, Al, died on Monday. We entrust him and all who love him to God's unending care. Greg and April are grateful that they were able to travel to Wooster on Sunday to be with the family. We don't know the funeral plans yet or when Greg and April will return to Nashville; thank you for remembering them and the family in your prayers.