My Four Resolutions

For all of my adult life (and most of my childhood, too), I’ve needed to balance three or four different calendars. The calendar year that starts in January, the school year that starts in August, and the liturgical year that starts four weeks before Christmas day (the end of November/beginning of December). Each New Year has its own rhythm and list of tasks to accomplish in order to prepare for this new start—resolutions to make, supplies to purchase, etc. I’ve always enjoyed anticipating a new calendar and school year, but it was only fairly recently that I sought to be intentional about preparing for the liturgical year ahead in the same way that I prepared for other calendars. This liturgical year, (creatively called, Year “C”), I have four resolutions that I’d like to share. In year C, I resolve to:

  • Create: new rhythms and practices for myself and explore new practices and rituals with the congregation. A new job and an open minded congregation (like Vine Street) lend itself well to this. Will you help me with this?

  • Connect: with you all, the congregation, and with the larger Nashville community. I give thanks for the invitations to lunch and coffee and the name tags on Sunday mornings! I love hearing your passions and your stories! Will you (continue to) help me with this?

  • Collaborate: with friends and this congregation to better live out Christ’s calling. What ministry makes your heart sing? I’d love to know and work along side you. Will you help me with this?

  • Celebrate: all things, big and small. I’d also love to know how Vine Street celebrates! With gifts? Notes? Potlucks? In a time where the world blairs out a message of fear and scarcity, celebrating  and sharing joy can be an act of resistance. Will you help me with this?

I invite you to join with me in living out these “resolutions”—or at least checking in with me to see how it’s going! Too many of just know that resolutions can easily fall by the wayside if we don’t have partners along the way to encourage us and hold us accountable.  As we prepare for Christ’s birth and 2019, may we share Christ’s light through compassion and care.

Advent Blessings.