Monday updates

Erin Wurzelbacher is mourning the death of her grandfather; he died last week in West Virginia. Erin, Joshua and the boys are grateful that they got to see him one last time when they visited a week ago.

We remember the family and friends of Will Caver who died in a drowning accident. Will graduated from MBA in May. The funeral was yesterday at Westminster Presbyterian Church.

We continue to hold in prayer Ally Partington and her family.

Congratulations to Dedele and Samuel who got married on Saturday. Dedele is the daughter of Celet Nkobe, pastor of Nouvelle Alliance Christian Church. The young couple will make their home in Columbus, OH.

Tuesday evening

Virginia Grimm died this afternoon; she was 94 years old. Thank you for your prayers for her family and friends, especially for her sons, Rodger and Richard and their families. We will share funeral plans once they have been confirmed.

Jackie Halstead asks for our prayers for a young woman (26) who has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. She doesn’t want her name to be shared, but appreciates our prayers as she begins treatments.

Tuesday update

Martha Bishop is recuperating at home after surgery on Monday. Please send mail to 1602 18th Avenue, Nashville, TN 37212; she is planning to stay there for the time being.

Cara Doidge is recuperating from an infection in her hip that has kept her hospitalized for several days. She may go home tomorrow to complete treatments and undergo Physical Therapy.

Linda Parker is still hospitalized and asks that we remember her in our prayers. Linda’s address is 595 Hicks Road #19N, Nashville TN 37221.

Leigh Ann Zirkle is continuing to receive physical therapy as well as occupational and speech therapy. She is expected to remain hospitalized for rehab until the end of the month. You may send mail to her sister’s address, 953 Century Oak Drive, Nashville TN 37211.

Monday update

Roy and Emily Smith now make their home in Auburn, Maine; they send their greetings and thanks for the welcome and friendship they found at Vine Street. Their new address is 311 Park Ave., Auburn, ME  04210. Cards are especially welcome.

Sapna Amin, a friend of Amanda Miller’s, died last week, just days after giving birth to her second child; we ask for prayers for her husband, their two children, and the family.

Leigh Ann Zirkle is receiving physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy at a rehab facility. One step at a time, she is slowly getting better. To send cards, please mail them to her sister’s address, 953 Century Oak Dr, Nashville, TN 37211.

Leigh Ann Zirkle

We are very happy to report that Leigh Ann is doing remarkably well! She is expected to move to rehab as early as Wednesday, July 10! She sends her greetings and thanks all of you for your prayers. One major concern was whether Leigh Ann would be able to speak at all, due to her neck injuries, and we are overjoyed to let you know that she is speaking! She still has a long way to go, but she is on a very good path.


Sunday night we gathered for a prayer service. One dimension of our prayers was the symbolic reweaving of community from torn pieces of cloth. The new wholeness now is represented at the table where we celebrate how God is at work among us to heal, forgive, and challenge us. The tags name ways in which community is built and restored.

Don and Leigh Ann Zirkle

On June 21, Don and Leigh Ann Zirkle were attacked in their home by an armed intruder. Don did not survive his severe injuries. Leigh Ann remains in hospital; after multiple surgeries, she is slowly recovering from the physical trauma.

This horrific attack was a shock to all of us, and we have come together in many ways to offer our help and support — from neighbors who provided life-saving medical care to Leigh Ann until the ambulance arrived, to those who cut the grass or wrote cards of encouragement.


What can we do? Funeral plans for Don are on hold until Leigh Ann is strong enough to participate in the planning. In the meantime, we surround her with our prayers, but we also struggle with having our own sense of safety shaken and feeling helpless in the face of such violence.

The congregations of Westminster Presbyterian Church and Vine Street Christian Church invite our neighbors to a prayer service on Sunday, July 7, at 7 p.m., at Vine Street Christian Church (4101 Harding Pike). We want to come together to show our support, to pray, to share our grief and our hope, to strengthen the bonds of neighborliness and friendship, and to talk about how we can continue to build a community of support for Leigh Ann and her and Don’s families. Please join us.

Thursday prayers

Bess Henderson was scheduled for surgery on Friday morning. In the past couple of days she noticed that she was in less pain when moving her jaw and biting down. A visit with her doctor today confirmed that the fracture may indeed be healing on its own, which would make the planned surgery unnecessary. They decided to cancel the operation and continue to monitor Bess’s progress. Thank you for continuing to surround Bess with your prayers!

Virginia Grimm fell out of her bed and broke her collar bone. Thank you for keeping her in your prayers in this season of declining health.