Prayer concerns

Frank Huffman, the uncle of Helen Trabue and Malinda Moseley, will begin a new round of chemo therapy with another cocktail of drugs. The most recent round stopped the growth of his pancreatic cancer, but did not shrink the tumor.

Helen and Malinda’s dad, Orlan Lorton, is able to travel now. He shattered his knee cap, and the healing process is taking much time and patience. 

Malinda and Helen ask for our continuing prayers for their family as well as for their dear friend, Juanita. She is on dialysis awaiting her third kidney, and she is having complications with circulation in her legs and feet. She will have to have her right leg amputated below her knee. We all hope with her that she will be able to keep her left leg. Juanita’s faith is unswerving in all of this, and her friends are deeply moved by her perseverance and blessed by her witness. 

Bill Brinton will move to a skilled nursing facility for additional physical therapy. He hopes to regain some mobility and independence. Please continue to keep him and Gloria and their children in your prayers.

Maurine Peake is still hospitalized at Centennial; she and her son Andy continue to need our prayers during this very difficult and uncertain time.