Florence and the aftermath

Thank you for your prayers for the affected communities along the east coast and the first responders and relief workers who are providing immediate relief. To contribute to the relief effort, please consider giving monetary donations to Week of Compassion. It may feel less personal than sending items you’ve lovingly selected, but money is easy to transport and is very efficient! Community organizations can often purchase supplies in bulk and at specially negotiated rates, and they can buy exactly what they need when they need it. Cash doesn’t take up warehouse space, and it can meet a variety of needs. Your dollars could become a meal at a shelter today or a new roof on a damaged house in a few months. Week of Compassion works through a remarkable network of church partner organizations and partnerships that insures that our response to humanitarian needs in the world is efficient, effective and faithful.

Eric Hutton's family

Eric Hutton’s dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s last week. His medication won’t allow him to drive for a while. Eric also learned that his uncle, who is suffering from advanced Parkinson’s, is expected to die in the near future. The family is still trying to absorb the news and to cope with the situation and various ripple effects. Thank you for keeping them in your prayers.

Hope Hodnett

Hope Hodnett will be the new Youth Program Coordinator at Safe Haven Family Shelter, beginning next week. Hope will oversee a full-spectrum of supportive programs and services for school-aged children and their families who are experiencing homelessness. This includes managing all components of the children’s program including enrichment activities at the shelter, childcare coordination for families, and coordination with the school system to ensure that children have the educational support they need. Congratulations, Hope, and God bless you in this new chapter of your ministry!

Carolyn Binkley

We received word that our friend Carolyn Binkley was in a car wreck Friday night; she has a crushed ankle, broken leg, and a hand fracture. Carolyn currently has no phone access, but is expected to move to a regular room soon. She is expected to be hospitalized until Friday and then move to rehab. Thank you for your prayers.

Larry Adams's family

Larry Adams asks for our prayers for his niece, Alicia Adams, who is mourning the death of her unborn son in the seventh month of her pregnancy. We also remember her parents, Kim and John, as they try to cope with this loss themselves while supporting their daughter in her grief. This boy would have been their first grandson, and John has been particularly troubled by this loss.

Larry also asks for healing prayers for his nephew, Matt Adam, his wife Wendy and their daughter Tennery Kate. TK will be undergoing surgery this Saturday to repair a heart defect.

Great news

Sherry Blair is thrilled about her test results: "Hey everyone after three days of waiting.. the words are IT'S NOT CANCER!!  It's a benign thymoma that has to be removed surgically, probably in September. We are SOOOO grateful!  ... surgeon said may have to crack chest to remove but I’ll take that over the other - will keep you posted.  Can’t thank you enough for all the prayers and love that has been sent my way."

Sherry Blair

Sherry Blair received the hard news that she has a mass in her chest cavity. She will have a biopsy on August 7. During these days of uncertainty, we ask for prayers for Sherry and Tricia, and for Joyce Crowell, Sherry's mom. Sherry wrote, "I believe in the power of prayer and I need your prayers ... I’m asking for prayers and positive thoughts for myself and my family... we are strong and will stick together and be fine ... whatever the outcome is ... I have faith and Christ in my heart."

Little Izzy

Our friend, Dena Oneal, asks for our prayers. 6-year-old Izzy, the daughter of a friend, had open heart surgery on Monday. This was her 5th open heart surgery, and while the initial procedure went well, she has suffered several setbacks since. Thank you for keeping Izzy and her family in your prayers.

Buddy Barnes

While in Chattanooga visiting his sister over the weekend, Buddy developed breathing problems and was hospitalized. Tests revealed that he has lung cancer. The family is making arrangements to get him transported back to Nashville by ambulance where he will receive hospice care. Thank you for your prayers for Buddy and his family.