December 2, 2018

Romans 13: 11-14

Paul writes his letter to the Christians in Rome in advance of his upcoming visit.  He prefaces this passage proclaiming that love is all we need – very Beatlesesque.  When we love our neighbor as our self and love God with our whole being, we are fulfilling Jesus’ message.  Why is this so difficult?  Well, our neighbor means everyone and that right there creates a problem for us sinful humans.  Love everyone the way we love ourselves?  Yikes!  In verse 13, Paul proceeds to list several behaviors that have shown up in political headlines over the past several years (Look those up on your own).  Our leaders aren’t setting a good example either.  It’s time for us to be leaders in this Love Movement Jesus talks about.

We are told to put on the armor of light and clothe ourselves with Jesus.  Life appears to be pulling us in different directions – many of those away from God’s purpose.  As we prepare for Jesus during this Advent season, may you wrap His love around you and share it with your neighbors.  All of them.

- Jeff Miller