December 25, 2018

John 1:1-14

Longing for the Christ

The Holy Spirit inspires wise teachers who tell us to be comforted by our yearning to feel the presence of God, for this yearning is truly our Creator yearning for us, individually and as a human race. As John writes, the yearning of our Creator for union with man and with all of his creation is birthed in the light of Jesus. In him was life, and that light was the life of men. v. 4.

This year during my meditations and private worship, more than in any year of my life that I can recall, I have had a near constant yearning and longing to see, feel, and touch the Creator. These soul desires most often feel like a beautiful passion which provides comfort and joy.

But sometimes the yearning feels more like an ache, especially now in what feels like the most troubling times of my life, living in a broken and violent world with dark words, dark fears, and dark acts of sin. The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it. v. 5.

If those who actually experienced the intense light in Jesus’ eyes beckoning them did not recognize the truth and power of the divine indwelling in human hearts to transform ourselves and the world, what hope do we have more than two thousand years later? I find hope knowing that for those first disciples who listened and said “yes” to the light in Christ, the entire outcome was not yet known. Both crucifixion and resurrection lay ahead. What caused them to say yes that we can recapture now? The raw power of that recognition moment is our light path out of our current darkness.

We must ground truth our knowing the outcome with the raw power of the awakening light within us. Through contemplative prayer and quiet seeking we must meet Jesus in the moment, in the mutual recognition of hearts if we hope to transform ourselves and our dark world.

This one thing that I desire - just to see the beauty of your face (a paraphrase of Psalm 27:4)

- Debra Cannon