hunger : 360

why 360?

At Vine Street, we want to integrate what we do in education, advocacy, service, and worship. 360 is the sum of all angles, and hunger : 360 is a ministry project that brings together what belongs together.

It is our second 360 project, and the first one in 2010. The philosophy behind this approach is simple: too often we treat church life and ministry like a pizza: a slice of worship, a slice of education, a slice of service in the community … But the life of faith is more like a circle where all points are defined by the common center: Our worship, our study, our work, our fellowship, all share a common center in the God who meets us in Jesus Christ.

hunger : 360 brings together all dimensions of our ministry around just one issue, hunger.

why hunger?

That’s the question. Why is there hunger in our world? Our gardens, fields and farms produce more than enough food for all, and yet there is persistent, deadly hunger on every inhabited continent. In November, the Department of Agriculture reported that here in the United States the number of Americans who lacked consistent access to adequate food soared last year, to 49 million. The government began tracking what it calls “food security” 14 years ago, and the number of men, women, and children lacking “food security” has never been higher.


During the seven weeks of Lent, from Ash Wednesday, February 17 to Palm Sunday, March 28, we will look hunger in the face and respond. We will study, we will fast, we will lament, we will prepare meals, we will pray and write letters.


We are assembling a team to put the finishing touches on a number of programs, outings, meals, worship services, etc. Would you like to be part of the hunger:360 team? We’d love to work with you. Please complete the form below, and we’ll get in touch with you.