Sailing On: 2010 Report

At our planning event on Monday, March 22, we adopted six major goals for this year. Each one is a result of our Journey process. Each one is essential for helping us live into our future story.

  1. Raise the funds and complete the search for an Associate Minister
  2. Review and revise the bylaws
  3. Coordinate Christian Education for adults
  4. Start at least one or two neighborhood groups
  5. Wrap up worship conversations and introduce changes
  6. Plan a capital campaign to be launched in 2011

We encouraged one another, and especially those of us chairing committees, boards, and other groups, to read and write about our ministry programs and events, take pictures and share them.

We encouraged all committee chairs and officers of the board to write brief monthly reports, based on a simple template, and to submit a narrative report once a quarter. The monthly reports are primarily for internal communication (leadership and congregation), the quarterly reports are also excellent to be shared with visitors to our website to give them a taste of who we are and what we do.

We encouraged one another to continue to familiarize ourself with our online social network and take full advantage of its potential for discussion, sharing pictures and video, posting documents, etc.  Thomas volunteered to meet with small groups and do an introduction for a cup of coffee.

We encouraged one another to move away from announcements before the worship service, and to move toward minutes for mission that are part of the worship service. The ultimate goal, according to our future story, is to move announcements to the gathering time in the welcome area prior to our worship services.

We asked the staff to find a way to publicize the weekly news/bulletin in an online archive.

We looked at the whole year together, and determined which groups and/or  individuals would be in charge of organizing various events.