OK... Which Seven?

It's time for the final round. I asked you to submit questions you thought I should address in a sermon series, and you did. I did some minor editing, but there still are 22 questions.

Now it's your turn! Since there is no way to do this that is both elegant and simple, this is how we'll do it: below you'll find a long list of twenty-two questions, each with a 1-7 scale. I suggest that you scroll through and read all of them first. Then give your favorite question a 7, your second choice a 6, your third choice a 5, ... you get the idea. You can submit fewer than seven, but please no more than seven (in that case my trusted robot will randomly delete one of our entries). You may think you have to do all the hard work, but I'll keep track of all the responses and I'll do the math. You will soon realize that the entire process is statistically impeccable, but don't let that keep you from voting.

If the form doesn't load, use this link. Thank you!