Monday Updates

Jim Foglesong is scheduled to have a pacemaker implanted on Friday, February 26

Will Craig, Craig Wiseman's uncle, is dying. Craig and KK ask for our prayers for him and his family

There was an electrical fire at the Bethany Hills Lodge on Saturday, February 20. Thankfully nobody was injured, and thanks to the quick response by our camp manager, David Johnson the fire was quickly extinguished. The Johnson family had quite a weekend!

Steve Lowry was badly injured in a car accident on February 17. He broke his left hip, arm, and wrist. He had hip surgery,  and is scheduled for surgery on February 23 to repair the fractures in his arm. Hold him and Jerri close in your prayers today and in the weeks of recovery ahead.

3503 Woodmont Lane
Nashville TN  37215

Bronson and Margaret Netterville celebrate the birth of a great-granddaughter. Schuylia Jade Slack was born on February 5 in Honolulu.

Richard "Dick" McLaughlin died on February 18 after a long battle with multiple myeloma. We are grateful that he was at home and surrounded by loved ones when he passed on. We continue to hold Dava and her family, especially TJ, Katie, and Jack in our prayers.

Dava McLaughlin
1590 Coal Bank Road
Metamora, IL 61598-7861

Amy Mears is one of the pastors at Glendale Baptist Church. Her family was in a car accident on Wednesday night, when their vehicle hit a deer. Their youngest daughter, Emmie, was killed. The funeral was on Saturday.

Dorothy Roach has kidney cancer; one kidney was removed on February 15.

Lois Smith is recuperating from knee surgery. She will be unable to drive for several weeks