At 4:53pm on January 12, 2010, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake rocked Port au Prince and the surrounding areas, killing hundreds of thousands and leaving nearly a million more homeless, hurting and in need.

Over 80% of Haitians lived in poverty prior to the earthquake; now the nation faces even deeper economic and health challenges. Millions have no access to the most basic elements for health and survival. Many lost everything, and a year later still have nothing.

Haiti has since suffered a hurricane and is battling a deadly and fast-moving cholera outbreak. Hundreds of thousands are displaced, living in makeshift tent cities. Over a million are displaced, living in makeshift tent cities. Work, money, clean water and health care are scarce. We pray that the plight of our Haitian neighbors will not be forgotten. Follow the link for specific prayer concerns. We are grateful for the work of our partner IMA World Health.