Our friends in New Zealand

Thanks to Linda Edwards for checking in with Lyndsay and Lorraine after she heard the news about yet another series of earthquakes in Christchurch, NZ. This is from their response:

We're fine thanks - it was not a nice day (5.8, 5.3 and 6.0 plus 20 or more smaller ones to make people feel uneasy almost without a break!) but we're all OK apart from tears of exhaustion and stress for many. Mega Advertising (and many businesses) closed for the year yesterday morning or Thursday evening. But Phillippa went in to check on the state of the office after the first big shake, and found 4 computer monitors tipped over, and the water cooler tipped, broken glass everywhere in the kitchen, etc, But then the 5.3 happened and she skidaddled right out of there! The 6.0 followed later - but I don't think she's been back in again yet.
I phoned everyone on our church directory in my role as emergency check up person, and pastoral care convenor. The minister's family moved house yesterday - what a day for that! At least it kept the three girls (14, 11, 7) busy making their bedrooms into 'home space'!
Please pass on our love to any Vine Streeters who are concerned.