Monday update

Amy Gopp, Executive Director of Week of Compassion, is hospitalized at Vanderbilt for treatment of a stubborn infection.

Will Campbell is recuperating from a stroke.

Erica Well asks for prayers for her friend Tana and her baby. The baby had to be delivered prematurely due to Tana's health.

Leigh Ann Zirkle asks for prayers for her co-worker, Karen. She is recently widowed and has health issues.

Many people lost their home in the Wednesday fire at the Metropolitan apartments next door to the church.

Donna Woods's mother, Myrtle Lambos, continues to decline. She is alert, but doesn't have much energy. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

Helen Trabue and Malinda Moseley's uncle Frank, who is battling cancer, is having a difficult time with chemo. He has a few more rounds before further testing. Their friend, Juanita, who is on dialysis, is in a great deal of pain and is still waiting to see if she will need to have her leg amputated. Their dad is back at work.  He is in physical therapy for his knee and is doing well, but is still experiencing a great deal of pain.