Monday Update

The people of Norway mourn the victims of Friday's massacre at an island youth camp and bombing in Oslo, in which at least 92 people are known to have died.

Joan and Dave Strasinger ask for prayers for their friends, Linda and Larry Dreaden. Larry was in an accident on Tuesday and was still in a coma on Sunday.

Malinda Moseley and Helen Trabue ask for continuing prayers for their friend, Juanita. After many months of waiting, she has been removed from the kidney transplant list due to other health complications.

Laura Crenshaw's mother is recuperating from hip replacement surgery.

We give thanks for Emily Warren's recovery. She was discharged from the hospital on Saturday.

Sarahann Callaway is in Ghana with a group of fellow students and faculty from Belmont University. Click here for the whole story

The Vine Street youth are leaving today for a work trip to Christmount, the Disciples campground in North Carolina.

And it was SO good to see Dick Schellhardt in worship on Sunday!