Monday Update

Todd and Maggie are friends of the Moseleys and the Trabues. Maggie gave birth to a baby boy on Friday and he has been in the NICU since with breathing difficulties. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

Jim Zamata's brother, Glen was diagnosed with lung cancer last year and given a prognosis of 18 months of life. After a series of treatments, recent scans show no signs of cancer. We celebrate and give thanks with Glen and his family!

Al Smith begins today a short series (five days are scheduled) of very intense radiation treatments for lung cancer. Please remember him in your prayers.

Our friends, Mark and Dana West ask for our prayers. They just moved Dana's parents in with them, both of whom have Alzheimer's. They trust God to give them grace and peace through the turmoil this illness tends to bring.

Virginia Grimm still doesn't have the energy she remembers having just a few weeks ago, but she is feeling much better and expects to be in church on Sunday.

Carolyn Binkley is at West Meade Place.

Please continue to hold Laura Brinton and her family, especially Gloria, in your prayers.