Tuesday update

Pat Bentrup (whose recovery from knee replacement is little short of miraculous) asks for prayers for her daugther-in-law, Lauren and her family. Lauren has a serious thyroid problem and is taking radio active capsules for it. She cannot be near her children ages 2 & 4 for several days. Pat also asks for prayers for grand-daughter Greta who will have her First Communion on Sunday (in Corpus Christi, Florida).

Lyn Dorris asks for prayers for her friend, Julie; she has cancer and is scheduled for surgery on Friday.

Julia Matthews asks for prayers for Aaron and his family. Aaron was a former classmate of hers and he died on Friday at age 15. Julia and her classmates remember him with great fondness and miss him.

Thomas and Nancy ask for prayers for their friend, Sean McDonald. He was hit by a falling tree on Memorial Day, and is in critical condition.