Amy Gopp leaving Week of Compassion

It is with joy and sadness that Week of Compassion announces that The Reverend Amy Gopp will join Church World Service Global (CWS) as Director of Member Relations and Pastoral Care in January 2014. As Executive Director of Week of Compassion, Amy has been a passionate advocate for those displaced by disasters, made refugees by violent conflict, and those working for economic empowerment and development in their communities. Her work with multiple partner organizations and with countless Disciples congregations and ministries has had significant impact during her tenure at Week of Compassion.

Amy’s responsibilities at CWS will be focused on three areas of work: discernment and leadership for the Eastern Europe program work, engaging and promoting CWS with member communions and other potential members, and engaging with human resource teams to provide pastoral counseling to CWS colleagues and staff around the world.

May God continue to bless you in your ministry, Amy!

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