Roger and Martha

There are any number of ways to ask for prayers remembering John Egerton, who died Thursday morning at age 78. You will hear stories about his love of southern food and culture on the radio, you will read about him in local and national papers, perhaps sample a few paragraphs of his front porch journalism, but we want to remember him especially as a close friend of Roger and Martha Bishop.

Martha wrote, "He was one of those people we would never want to give up. He was very supportive of other writers and of Roger. He saw it as his mission to  keep scores of us up to date on Will Campbell's condition from the time of his stroke until his death."

We pray that God will help them and all who miss John to let love transform their grief into gratitude.

Roger and Martha also ask us to remember Ava Sellers who is quite ill with a blood disorder. Her 94th birthday is Sunday, November 24. As her only family they are very much involved with her care and affairs.