Monday Update

We welcome new members, Phill and Casey Sigmon, who joined our congregation on Sunday. Phill is a chaplain with hospice, and Casey is a Ph.D. student at Vanderbilt Divinity School. They are looking forward to the birth of their first child, Viola.

Bill and Bea Irvin, paternal grandparents to Grant and Kennedy Shuler, were injured in the parking lot of a McDonalds last week in Wytheville, VA, where they live. Bill has a severely broken ankle and will have surgery on February 9th. Bea was not injured but is shaken up by the incident. 

Rev. Art Digby who served as Interim Minister at Vine Street in 1998/99, died on Sunday, February 3 in Texas. Memorials may be made to the Arthur and Joy Digby scholarship fund at Brite Divinity School, Texas Christian University. 

Erica Well's aunt, Oliva had a stroke and is in ICU in Puerto Rico.

Margaret Netterville is now at Stalworth for rehab. The family is making plans for her to have somebody stay with her when she returns home. Bronson continues to be hospitalized in fragile condition.

Please continue to remember in your prayers Gloria Brinton and her daugther, Laurie. Laurie was infected with fungal meningitis last year, and after months in the hospital, she has been at home for about a month now. She is very ill, and Gloria takes care of her.