Madison Church of Christ

Many of you will already know that the building of the Madison Church of Christ flooded during the heavy rains on August 8.

When we asked how things were going and how we could help we received this kind response, "Things are still in quite a mess, although clean-up is going well. We are still on generator power and probably 2 weeks away from having electricity and AC restored. The rebuild is going to be a long process, and I can't tell you how much it means to have such kind thoughts and acts from fellow believers."

We will collect a special offering on Sunday and send it to the congregation - not that it will make a big dent in their rebuilding budget, but it will be a gesture of our support. We have received a neighborhood outreach grant from Week of Compassion, and we will add our gifts to it, and when the time comes, we will stand ready to help with rebuilding the damaged rooms.

Please bring or mail your check to church by August 21, memo: flood relief, and continue to remember the congregation and all they serve in your prayers.