We Pray to the Lord...

We hold in our prayers the family of Eric, Allison and Sarah Hutton. Allison’s mom, Marie Heath, broke her elbow from a fall at her home this week. Eric’s mom, Karen Hutton, is recovering from hip replacement surgery following a fall.

We’re grateful some of our young adults have been able to reunite and get away for the weekend at Christmount in North Carolina. As they return home today, we hope for traveling mercies for: Kevin Clark, Rico Carls, Alex Cauthen, Alex Chumbley, Clare Crenshaw, Elizabeth Crenshaw, Kara Reed, Kalie Rhodes, Savvy Lyle, Ellen Matthews, Johanna Keith and Elena Nourabadi.

And finally, the pomp and circumstance has concluded: Thomas Kleinert received his doctor of ministry Saturday during a graduation ceremony at Lipscomb University!