A Sunday Update

Today in worship we remembered in prayer the following people and situations:

• The people of Texas and all those affected by Hurricane Harvey

• The family and friends of the Rev. Bill Barnes. Perhaps the leading advocate for affordable housing in our city, Rev. Barnes died Aug. 21. Read the obituary here.

Martin, a friend and co-worker of Jeff Miller, who is having heart surgery Monday

Debra Cannon, who asks for prayers for her mother, Marie Chambers. It appears Marie had a stroke this weekend in Chattanooga. Marie is home now and appears to be OK.

Roy Smith continues to receive rehab care locally.

Bruce Oulson had a brief hospital stay this week for what turned out to be a shoulder issue; we pray for healing.

Johanna Keith asks for prayers for the Cahill family. John Cahill died Thursday. He is survived by his wife Bess and daughters Avery and Mallory.

• Congratulations to Rebecca and Kyle Collier, who have new jobs! Rebecca is serving as school counselor at J.E. Moss Elementary School in Antioch. Kyle now works for Pioneer Restoration, a Bend, Oregon-based company preparing to open an office in Nashville.

We shared a blessing today for teachers and learners as we anticipate a new Christian education season, beginning Sunday, Sept. 3.

Finally, traveling mercies are shared on behalf of Rev. Hope Hodnett who is traveling to east Tennessee for a clergy retreat this week.

May God's blessings be ever present....