Lord, Hear Our Prayers

Please keep in your prayers Helen Trabue, who has been dealing with unexplained pain. We pray for God’s wisdom as she works with doctors. Be mindful, too, of Roy Smith, who continues to receive rehab care. We pray, finally, for all those who are in need of healing and comfort.


You’ve heard about the new Fellowship of Twelve group, a leadership development opportunity, which met for the first time Aug. 27. As another step forward in our intentional ministry plan called “Living Our Call,” we pray for Alice Cannon, Joyce Crowell, Melanie Gao, Jackie Halstead, Johanna Keith, Bob Lyons, Malinda Moseley, Kennedy Shuler, Helen Trabue, Kara Reed and Thomas Kleinert.


Prayers and donations are being offered on behalf of Hurricane Harvey victims. Please consider making a donation to Week of Compassion or to a relief agency of your choice. Rev. Terri Hord Owens, Disciples’ general minister and president and Vy Nguyen, Week of Compassion executive director, share this insight to the aftermath of Harvey.