A Sunday Update

David and Betsy von Dohlen ask for our prayers. Betsy is having surgery this week.

An update... Ruth Skinner’s daughter, Sandra Jones, has been transferred to a rehab facility. She had surgery last week due to a fall.

We're grateful Tennessee youth celebrated faith and friendship this weekend during a retreat at Bethany Hills, our Regional camp and conference center just 40 minutes down the road. Attending were Duke, Sarah, Elijah, Meadow, Grant, Audrey and Charlie. Our thanks to Kalie Rhodes, Kara Reed, Hope Hodnett and Randy Halstead, who served as counselors.

Finally, related to refugees and immigrants in our city and our position as a Solidarity Congregation: You’ll recall a few weeks ago we assisted a local family in need as their primary breadwinner was detained by ICE. That father was deported last week. We hold this family, which includes a newborn child, in our prayers as we remain open to offering additional support.