Every Single Person

These are remarks Greg Bailey, Chair of the Board of Elders, shared with the congregation on Sunday, November 8.

Two summers ago, we engaged in a spiritual strategic journey to create a vision for Vine Street Christian Church. Our prayer triplets talked and prayed and conversed about our church and who we would be in 2019. We captured the ideas and thoughts of every single person and created a future story through a journey of 100 days of prayer.

As we speed towards 2010, it is now time to further our dreams. The Official Board is considering a budget that does not merely tread water, but moves our congregation forward. Our 2010 budget includes partial-year funding for an associate minister position, giving us six months to identify the right candidate to join our faith journey.

Our 2010 budget will likely include the creation of a property maintenance fund. For the first time, we will set aside money on an annualized basis to end a legacy of deferred maintenance. This will allow us to create and maintain a 20-year property maintenance plan.

Coupled with a recently approved Congregational Strategic Plan, our Journey is gathering steam. Every single person in this room, and those who considers himself or herself a member of this community has a stake in these dreams.

On November 22, the path of our Journey will come right down this center aisle as we make and dedicate our financial commitments to the church for next year.

Every single person who makes a pledge in our campaign is saying,  “This is the journey that I wish to take. This is the time to move forward, to realize the future of this congregation.”

Every single person who comes on board will be a witness to the fulfillment of our future.

Every single person who steps forward and gives just a little extra in 2010 will be charting the next steps of this historic congregation.

But it will take every single one of us - every single person - to make this happen.

Come on along, every single one of you, and live our dream.