Advent Begins

We celebrate the beginning of the Advent Season at 5pm, November 28, with the Hanging of the Greens service.

Please join us for this warm, casual, cozy, friendly, family service that helps us remember the true spirit of the holiday season.   Click Here for a Complete Holiday Schedule


Advent comes at the darkest time of the year.  

We light the candles for hope, peace, joy and love.  We hang the star atop the tree and flip the switch to light its branches.  It is Advent, the season when we await the coming of the Christ child, the light of the world.  It is a season of darkness transformed by the hope of light.

When the sun rises in the morning and the new day arrives, we get up.  It is time to put the darkness, with its unknowns and fears, behind us and to get on with the work of our lives.  So it is with Advent and the coming of Jesus.  It is time for us to put aside the petty pleasures and grievances that separate us from God and from each other.  It is time to devote ourselves, not to those things that we would do only under cover of darkness, but to those things that celebrate all that is bright and blessed.  It is time to strengthen ourselves with the light of God's Word and grace.  Let us live each day in Advent and beyond as though we truly believe that with God's miraculous gift to us "joy cometh in the morning."

Romans 13:11-14

Sarah Tarpley, December 2, 2009