Paul: The Bad News Man

by Thomas Kleinert

Thomas Jefferson called Paul the “first corrupter of the doctrines of Jesus,” and he was neither the first nor the last to accuse Paul of being “the Dysangelist” (a bearer of bad news rather than an evangelist, a bearer of good news).

Paul certainly is a towering figure in early Christianity, and through the centuries, he has been an apple of discord. Chances are, you have some strong feelings about this “thirteenth Apostle” of Jesus.

Would you consider a reintroduction to this controversial man?

Garry Wills is a historian with a doctorate in the classics, and he is a Catholic who once studied for the priesthood. He is also an excellent writer who won several awards for his publications, including the Pulitzer Prize for Lincoln at Gettysburg.

In 2006, Viking Press published What Paul Meant by Gary Wills, a little book some reviewers loved and others didn't love so much. I read the book last year, and I like it. It is a very readable and solid introduction, and it makes a great conversation starter.

I invite you to be part of a six-week book club, based on Garry Wills, What Paul Meant. Used copies of the book are available for under $1.00, both online and at local book stores. We will meet on Wednesday nights at 7pm, starting on March 2. Week to week, we'll read about thirty pages and meet to discuss how we have been enlightened, suprised, offended - who knows. It will not be an academic conversation, but a good way to talk about some of the basics of our faith. Perhaps you will make this group part of your spiritual practices during Lent.

If you are interested, please register below.