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Join us August 12 - September 29, as we reflect on Vine Street's story - including the larger historical and denominational narrative it is part of. We meet on Sunday mornings at 9:30am in the Fellowship Hall. This is a great opportunity for members and friends - really anyone who is curious about our story and the struggle for faithful Christian witness!

What's the Difference? 
Vine Street, the Stone-Campbell Tradition, and the Challenge of Social Change

The series will look at Vine Street's past, present, and future, exploring not only how the early Disciples carved out their tradition on the American frontier, but at how the congregation weathered controversies some members still recall, such as racial desegregation and the Vietnam War. We will also think and talk about Vine Street´s continuing witness in a time when not only mainline, but evangelical Christianity seems on the wane.

All are welcome from 9:30-10:30 in the Fellowship Hall as Ted Parks and Jack Wallace lead an interactive discussion based on the book Renewing Christian Unity, authored by Vine Street’s own Gary Holloway and others.

Copies of Renewing Christian Unity are available at Vine Street for $15. Please contact Hope Hodnett at hope@vinestreet.org for details.

Session 1 - August 12
What Difference Does History Make?
Renewing Christian Unity, chapters 1-2
Session 2 - August 19
Stone and Campbell
Renewing Christian Unity, chapters 3-5
Session 3 - August 26
Permission and Prohibition
Renewing Christian Unity, chapters 6-9
Session 4 - September 2
Science and Revelation
Renewing Christian Unity, chapters 10-12
Session 5 - September 9
Ebony and Ivory
Civil Rights: How did Vine Street respond? What are the implications for today’s church?
Session 6 - September 16
War and Peace
The Vietnam War: Our stand then, our stand now. What is our identity? Are we relevant?
Session 7 - September 23
Conflict and Community
The place of GLBT people, immigration, and other issues that divide us today.
Session 8 - September 30
What Difference Do We Make?
Renewing Christian Unity, chapters 13-14. What are the causes of the decline in church participation?

The goal of the class is for participants to reflect on Vine Street's story - including the larger historical and denominational narrative it is part of - with a view toward deeper ties to the community and a stronger commitment to the body of Christ as a witness to the world. 

This overall goal includes more specific objectives. After consistently taking part in the class, participants will be able to  

  1. identify key leaders and evaluate foundational concepts in Vine Street's Stone-Campbell past;
  2. analyze Vine Street's or the Disciples' response to pivotal social change; and
  3. develop their own vision for Vine Street as it confronts today's challenges.