No Pretending with Hepburn & Grant

All are invited to join Vine Street at the Movies for a flashback to classic 1960s romantic excitement with two of the period’s most glamorous stars. Charade features Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant, whose characters get involved in a cat and mouse-type thriller story, a standout from the era when James Bond was first entrancing movie house audiences. This film is rated G.

Kevin Carr, of 7M Movies, says, “Not only does this film take a new spin on the ’60’s spy thriller, it also dips its toe in the romantic comedy of the era.” Carr continues, “Like many of the films of Audrey Hepburn, the film is balanced on her shoulders and held there by her likeability. Grant’s charisma adds to the charm of the movie, and even though there are some serious and dangerous dealings happening, it’s still a fun romp... it holds up much better than many of its contemporaries."

Always a free event, Vine Street at the Movies, hosted by Jim Carls, meets the first Wednesdays of the month in Fellowship Hall.