The Vine Weekly: June 11, 2017

Pro tips: Pay particular attention what the Elders are asking Vine Street to consider; and discover who was nominated for the 2017-18 Official Board--all part of this week's announcements.


People and Prayers

Congratulations to Bob & Jane Goidel, who are celebrating 50 years of marriage!

Jack and Durham are experiencing Discovery Camp this week at Bethany Hills.

Virginia Grimm and Toni Foglesong were in the hospital last week; both are home again.

We hold in prayer members of the Nashville Iraqi community. We pray for justice in their lives—that leaders and protectors will truly be keepers of peace; where justice does not prevail, we pray God will be a balm and a stronghold for those who have been detained and for their families. May God keep all those who are under threat safe.


Children to Perform ‘In the Image’

What does it mean to live in the image of God? Our m&m campers will show us on Sunday, June 25 with a musical performance of In the Image. The 4:30 p.m. event will be in Fellowship Hall and includes a BBQ supper. While reservations are not required, bring your curiosity to discover how you can live more deeply in the image of God!



“GA-1723 On Becoming Immigrant Welcoming Congregations” is one of the resolutions on the agenda of the General Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Indianapolis this summer, July 8-12. The Elders of Vine Street Christian Church will consider affirming this resolution at their meeting on June 26.

The Elders therefore invite the congregation to study and discuss this resolution on Wednesday, June 21, at 6:30 p.m. in Fellowship Hall.

In preparation for this study session, parts of the resolution will be introduced in worship on Sunday, June 18, and congregants will be invited to stay after worship, for about 30-45 minutes, for a listening session. (We’ll be finished at noon so Father’s Day celebrations can continue.)

The Elders wish to hear from you: What are your thoughts and feelings about immigrants and refugees? Where do you stand on the question of deportation of undocumented immigrants or in the debate about sanctuary cities? In this listening session, we will not debate the issues, but give the Elders a chance to hear how we each wrestle with them.

The Elders will take into consideration what they learn on Sunday morning and Wednesday night when they meet on June 26 to discuss the resolution and its impact on Vine Street’s ministry.


Go for the Goal

Hockey fans know the importance of scoring a goal. You can, too, as you fulfill your 2016-17 pledge to our church by the end of June when our fiscal year ends. By now you should have received in the mail a record tracking your pledge through the end of May. If you have additional questions, please contact Linda Bussey, our bookkeeper (; 615/269-5614). Thank you for making our year a winning season!


Special Summer Book Series Continuing

The adult Christian education class is currently enjoying a summer book series featuring Faith: Stories: Short Fiction on the Varieties and Vagaries of Faith, edited by C. Michael Curtis. This is the companion volume to God: Stories, the popular collection we read last summer. As we continue, a leader will pick a story to read and present it for discussion with the group. As people volunteer, we will post the story titles for each week. You can purchase a copy of Faith: Stories at your favorite retailer. A few copies are available for purchase from Jim Zamata. As always, everyone gathers Sundays at 9 a.m. in Fellowship Hall.


Ladies to Meet

Serenity Circle meets Tuesday, June 13 at 6:30 p.m. in Fellowship Hall. All ladies of the church are welcome! To be on the group’s email list, contact Kathy Zamata (k.zamata


Walking in Memphis

Dust off those blue suede shoes! It’s time to get dirty for Jesus!  A mission trip to Memphis, Tennessee June 25-29 is the second part of a summer filled with exploration and service for our teenagers. (What’s the first part? Counseling m&m camp, of course!) Youth who have completed 7th-12th grade are invited on this Spirit-filled adventure.

• serve with area non-profits

• experience the National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Hotel

• rest and worship at Decatur-Trinity Christian Church

For more information, contact Hope (


Affirming Our Mutual Ministry

Today we will as a congregation move toward affirming (and in many ways reaffirming) our shared ministry for the 2017-18 Vine Street Christian Church year. Please return to your seats after the benediction so that we may begin the congregational meeting following Micah Snow’s postlude.

The finance committee (Jim Carls, Tim Crenshaw, Joyce Crowell, Melanie Gao and Reggie Hill, chair and treasurer) developed and the Official Board approved a proposed 2017-18 budget reflecting the ministries and programming of our church. A summary of the proposal will be shared with the congregation during the meeting today.

The nominating committee (Julia Keith, Kathy Zamata, Pam ClenDening, Malinda Moseley, Kara Reed and Pat Cole, chair) recommended and the Official Board approved the 2017-18 leadership slate, listed below.

2017-18 Nominations for Leadership

Official Board

Chair—Julia Keith

Chair Elect—Ed Cole

Secretary—Ted Parks

Treasurer—Jim Carls

Personnel Chair—Carol Doidge

Nominating Chair—Pat Cole

Property Chair—Joe Keith

Chair of Elders—Martha Bishop

Chair of Deacons—Linda Crenshaw



Lydia Grubb

Jim Zamata

Linda Edwards

Jim Carls*



Jack Wallace

Laura Miller

Kathy Zamata

Betsy von Dohlen

Roy Smith*

(*1-year term at the request of the nominee)


Junior Deacons (1-Year Term)

Molly Lyons

Sarah Matthews

We’re grateful the following people have agreed to provide leadership in the roles below (congregational approval is not required):

Non-Governing Committee Leaders

Education—Jim Zamata

Children’s Education—Angie Wilson

Communications—Stephen Moseley

Outreach—Randy Halstead

Worship—Lester McNatt

Membership—Jeff Miller

Stewardship—Lydia Grubb