Children’s Ministry Ignites with New Curriculum

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Wondering where all the children have gone? If it’s 9 a.m. on a Sunday morning, they’re probably in Sunday school. The Children’s Ministry Committee of Vine Street is off to a strong start this season with classes for all ages!

Our new Genesis class for younger children is taught by Johanna Keith in Room 2 of the Children’s Wing. In Room 5, Helen Trabue and Malinda Moseley are leading the Seekers class for older elementary students. Both classes are learning through use of Spark Classroom, published by Sparkhouse, a division of 1517 media, the ministry of publishing within the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Spark Classroom is a two-year curriculum. Our children explore Old Testament stories each fall and New Testament stories in winter and spring. A few of our lessons this fall include: Creation, Isaac’s Blessing, the Red Sea, Ten Commandments, and Ruth & Naomi. Each week, kids and their leaders gather to explore their Bible, enjoy fun activities, pray and grow in faith.

Our Middle School Class, under the care of Jeff Miller, is experimenting with a recently available Sparkhouse curriculum titled Colaborate. No, it’s not a misspelling. It’s an interactive, comprehensive Bible study encouraging compelling conversation about God and what it means to follow Jesus as students dig into the Bible. By encouraging questions and taking an honest look at the holy mystery and complexity of Scripture, Colaborate moves learners onto a path of growth and discovery to help them build a faith that stays with them long after they leave Mr. Jeff’s class. You can find these collaborators in Room 3 of the Children’s Wing.

The High School Class is diligently working through Echo the Story, a curriculum inviting students to experience the biblical narrative through storytelling, creative reflection and dialogue. The class is currently studying the Old Testament, also known as the Hebrew Bible. If you want to join them, look in the columbarium where you’ll find the group actively engaged in the scriptures. Their curriculum is also a product of Sparkhouse.

Children’s ministry is a dynamic part of the Vine Street community and new classmates are always welcome! Adults interested in seeing what all the hype is about can schedule a date to attend the class of their choice. Let’s grow together in our faith!