Help Support Children for Change


For just a moment, imagine the sound of a quarter clanging around in a tin can. For people of all ages, the jingling noise of coins in piggy banks, glass jars and even pants pockets is a welcome sound.

The children of Vine Street are eager to hear the clanging of coins in their newly constructed “Children for Change” coffee can. After watching the documentary, Living on One Dollar, the children of Vine Street have chosen to join with Liam Dixon on his mission project. Liam initially set a goal to provide the financial resources needed for 16 children to attend school in Pena Blanca, Guatemala, where the cost of attending school is $25 a year per student. That totals $400 for 16 students. On the day the Children for Change initiative was announced, Vine Street folks donated $150!

Let’s keep this effort going! At any time during the summer, the children invite you to bring your change and add it to their collection can of love—that’s Children for Change!