Baseball, hymn writing, and the table(s) that bring(s) us together

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Vanderbilt vs. Tennessee
Sunday, March 31

1:00 p.m. Tailgate
across the street from Vanderbilt Stadium (Hawkins Field)
Bring a side dish, chips or dessert – We’ll grill out hot dogs!
2:00 p.m. Game starts
$7/person $25 max/family (includes tailgate and ticket)
RSVP to Jeff Miller

Abi +2 = a hymn project

“Taste and see that the Lord is good” is a line from an ancient song, Psalm 34. It invites us to recognize the goodness of God as something to be tasted, something to be seen, heard, smelled, and touched.

During these forty days of Lent, we invite you to be attentive with, and to, your senses and what they tell you about God’s goodness. We will do it in worship on each of the Sundays, but it’s a practice you can take on as a daily discipline: at the end of the day, take a moment to remember sights and sounds, tastes, smells and textures that reminded you of  God’s goodness. You will notice that each day you become a little more aware of what’s always there: heaven and earth declaring the glory of God.

Each Sunday during Lent, inspired by the readings, we will lift up one of our senses in worship. And in each of the weeks that follow, we invite you to be part of a collaborative art project: we will write a hymn together.

Each week Abi Flowers will meet with two more Vine Street folks for a co-writing session. The tune will be a familiar one, and the three will let the meter give form to their poetry of praise. And on Palm Sunday, at the beginning of Holy Week, we will all sing that hymn together in worship. Don’t tell yourself, nor let anybody else tell you, that you’re not a songwriter. You’re not too young for praise, nor too old for knitting words into lines and stanzas. Go ahead, sign up - you'll love it!

Table Talk

We hope you are making plans to join us for lunch on March 24. Members of the Life Group will lead us in conversations on topics around race and the church. Read more

Youth schedule

Here’s the youth schedule for the next few weeks:

March 17 Chi Rho

March 24 Table Talk (11:30-1:30) and Nashville Youth Disciples (3:00-5:00) at Alameda

March 31 Baptism conversations/Baseball game

April 7 Junior Youth Fellowship

April14 Chi Rho

April 20 Baptism Conversation

April 21 No Programming (Happy Easter!)

April 28 No Programming (Allison out of town)

Unless specified, all Sunday programming will conclude at 1:00pm.

Summer camp registration

Registration for the summer season at Bethany Hills is now open! Here are the dates:

  • Discovery (grades 1-3) May 29-31  

  • CYF (grades 9-12) June 2-8

  • Junior (grades 4-5) June 9-13

  • Eighters (grade 8) July 7-13

  • CHI RHO (grades 6-7) July 14-19

  • Adventure (grades 6-12 ) July 14-19

If you would like to talk to parents whose children have attended any of these camps, please contact Allison; she'll be happy to make the introduction when she's back.

Read more camp details and register