Architects, engineers, books, and thanks

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On Saturday last week, our architect Cyril Stewart and members of his team met with the Administrative Council to present and get reactions to their initial thoughts about renovation priorities. It was one of the most exciting discussions at Vine Street in many years! What are the next steps?

  • The architects will compile notes and conclusions from our Saturday session.

  • The engineers will complete a mechanical, electrical and plumbing survey of the entire building.

  • The architects will prepare drawings and narratives for preferred options in order to obtain ballpark cost estimates.

  • This initial package of drawings and narrative will be presented to the Administrative Council for evaluation, correction and any additions.

  • The architects will distribute this initial package to three local construction managers/contractors for proposals to be presented to the architects and Vine Street for review and possible negotiation of a pre-construction agreement.

  • The proposed plan and construction agreement will be presented to the congregation for discussion and review, probably sometime in late summer/early fall.

  • Based on that discussion, the Administrative Council will negotiate and execute an agreement with the architect for preparation of construction documents.

Construction is not expected to begin until fall or winter 2020, but we will continue to keep the congregation informed and updated on each step. Especially important will be the presentation of the proposed plan at the end of this summer or early in the fall. Based on just the preliminary concepts shared with the Administrative Council, it will be a very exciting day!

This update is based on notes by Ed Cole for his Moment for Mission on Sunday, May 12, 2019.

Summer Book Group

Rachel Held Evans’s death at age 37 was a shock to many, especially to readers of her blog and her books. Amanda Miller had planned to read Inspired: Slaying Giants, Walking on Water, and Loving the Bible Again (2018) this summer, and she would love to read it with a group. If you’re interested, please contact AmandaRead more

Thank you

A big Thank You to all who have made a pledge for the ministry year 2019/20, beginning July 1. The projected revenues will allow the Administrative Council to finish work on the budget at their May 22 meeting. The proposed budget and the nominees for elected offices will be presented to the congregation for approval at a congregational meeting in June. Look for the announcement in next week’s e-news and bulletin.