Pentecost brunch, what to wear, and summer updates

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We will celebrate Pentecost on Sunday - God's outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all people. Don't know what to wear? Here are some suggestions! After worship we will meet in Fellowship Hall for brunch and to make "the other pledge" - how will you put the gifts of the Spirit to use in ministry? If you signed up for a brunch item, you may refer to this list to remember what it was. Thank you!

Summer Sunday School

Sunday school for all ages will conclude on Sunday, June 9 (Pentecost) for the summer. We are immensely grateful and appreciative for all of our teachers and helpers—for their time, dedication, and preparation week in and week out! For the summer (June 16-August 4), to give them a bit of respite, there will be an opportunity for all ages (adults, too!) to gather, fellowship, and learn together. Each week will stand alone, so you (yes, you!) are invited to join in and grow together!

Children and worship

Beginning next Sunday, June 16, children and youth will remain in the sanctuary throughout the service. An activity center with coloring sheets, word searches, mazes, books, and other tactile tools will be available for our children (and anyone else who may listen better while doing something with their hands) to utilize throughout the service, but especially during the sermon time. Our youngest children (5 and under) are always invited to remain with their families in the sanctuary, but also have a place in the nursery during service if that’s a better fit!

Congregational Meeting

A congregational meeting has been called for June 23, 2019. On the agenda are the approval of the budget for the church year 2019/20 and the election of elders, deacons, and officers for various terms. Printed copies of the proposed budget summary and the slate of nominees will be available on Sunday; they will be sent to all members via email next week. Copies of the full budget are available at the church office or electronically upon request.

Three delegates

Are you going to the General Assembly in July? If so, please contact the church office to let us know. Our congregation may send three voting delegates, and we’d love to consider you as one of them.

Good work in Ukraine

Emily Crenshaw is working on a number of great projects as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ukraine. She asks for our financial support for a camp she is involved in. She writes, “ As Vine Streeters know, summer camps leave a lasting impression on youth and can give them the skills they need to excel in life. Camp MASCOT is a 7-day English-speaking and project development camp for Ukrainian youth. The project provides a unique opportunity for campers to develop and embolden their individual critical thinking, project development and active citizenry, while focusing on developing knowledge around social and global subjects including gender equality, the disinformation war, stereotypes and human trafficking, which are especially apparent issues in Ukraine.” Read more and/or make a donation