December 10, 2018

Luke 21:25-36

“There will be signs in the sun, the moon, and the stars, and on the earth distress among nations confused by the roaring of the sea and the waves. People will faint from fear and foreboding of what is coming upon the world . . .”

These words could be a warning about the events of today. Look at what is happening in our world:

Hurricanes roar across the land, taking lives and leaving little where vibrant communities once flourished.

Refugees roam the world, seeking a better life and a safe place for their children to call home.

Bombs are being sent through the mail, raising fears and a sense of hopelessness.

Some powerful people will apparently say anything to get more power.

Add these terrible things to the mundane realities of poverty, sickness, the loss of loved ones . . .

It would be so easy to despair in times like these, pour another drink and drown our sorrows.

But we will not fall into that trap, because we believe that God’s reign is at hand, so close that we can reach out and grasp it, like when we reach out and hold our neighbors’ hands on Sunday morning and proclaim that “Christ is Lord, indeed!”

We have seen the leaves on the fig tree. We will soon taste the sweetness of the fruit.

Get ready. Christ is coming!

Gracious God,

Give us faith to get us through these troubled times. Give us courage and hearts like Jesus to love you and to love our neighbors. Thank you for your steadfast goodness and abiding love. Amen.

- Rachel Eva Dixon