December 11, 2018

Jeremiah 33:14-16

A New Day Is Coming

“I will fulfill the good promise I made.”

Pestilence. Famine. Invasion. Death in the streets. Jeremiah first made these dire proclamations. Then in today’s text, he announces a stunning reversal: Israel and Judah can expect redemption, a restoration of the throne and priesthood.

How can this be? Jeremiah lies in prison at the hands his own king, Zedekiah. The Babylonians prepare to lay siege to Jerusalem. Nebuchadnezzar’s armies advance. The city is doomed. Exile awaits.

The Davidic line never returns to power and the priesthood of Levi fizzles out with the Sadducees following the year 70.

As for us, the inexcusable and tragic extremes of our own day bring death, destruction, and unimaginable suffering to millions calling for healing that only God can provide.

Jeremiah’s words offer consolation and hope while Advent faith allows us to realize the coming of a righteous Branch—in a lowly Nazarene.

May we trust in God who fulfills every good promise, anticipating a world where right relationships and just societies exist everywhere.


Hope of Israel, Messiah Jesus, restore justice in all lands.

- John Shuler