The Journey - A Spiritual Strategic Adventure

None of us can recall the days when Vine Street Christian Church began, but we remember.

It was in 1828, about one year after Alexander Campbell’s first visit to Nashville that members of the Nashville Baptist Church nullified their founding charter and reconstituted themselves as the Nashville Church of the Disciples of Christ.

This year, we remember 180 years of ministry in Nashville – from our doorsteps to the ends of the earth. We can look back on 180 years of Christian witness, because generation after generation, this congregation has faced the challenges of the time with courage and responded faithfully.

Throughout the years, Vine Street has been attentive to the changing demands of the changing times, and obedient to God’s call to embody and proclaim the kingdom. I cannot imagine a more appropriate way to observe an anniversary than to take time to listen for God’s call; to do in our time what generations before us have done in theirs.

  • What does God call us to be and do?
  • Who does God call us to become?
  • What is the future into which God calls us to live?

Beginning the weekend of April 4-7, we will embark on a journey of discovery; a journey that consists of careful listening, disciplined prayer, imaginative story telling, and stepping out on faith. We have found an experienced coach to assist us in setting the course for Vine Street’s future. George Bullard is a Christian leadership coach and a ministry partner with The Columbia Partnership. He will be at Vine Street on April 4-7, the first of four weekends that will mark stations on the way.

On Friday evening, April 4, he will introduce us to the Spiritual Strategic Journey; on Saturday, April 5, he will meet with several focus groups; on Sunday, April 6, he will worship with us and watch how we’re “being Vine Street” on Sunday mornings. There will be other meetings with key leaders, but those details are neither urgent nor important at this point.

Remembering 180 years of our mission and witness is both humbling and empowering. Envisioning the next 10 years of our ministry could be intimidating – but not for those who listen to God’s call and trust the Spirit’s movement. Let The Journey begin!