The Journey - Phase II

May 16-18, 2008
The Journey – Our Second Weekend

Vine Street's second Journey weekend with George Bullard will be defined by two major events:

On Saturday, May 17, we will receive the report of the results of our April weekend. George has collected and evaluated all our input and his notes, and now it’s time for us to look at the emerging picture. We will meet 9am-4pm in the Fellowship Hall. Everyone is invited to participate, and even if you didn’t attend the first weekend, you will enjoy this workshop. We will have a continental breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Childcare will be available.

To sign up for the Saturday workshop complete this online form.

On Sunday, May 18, following the 10:45 am worship service and the celebration of our graduates, we will gather for a catered lunch in the Fellowship Hall. After lunch, George will introduce us to the Prayer Triplets you may have heard or read about, and talk about the significance of the Summer of Prayer for our continuing Journey. All members and friends are invited, since we want the greatest number possible of Vine Streeters to be a part of the Summer of Prayer. Childcare will be available.

To sign up for the Sunday workshop complete this online form.

Are you still wondering if the Prayer Triplets are something you might want to do? We encourage you to attend the Sunday lunch and meeting, and any questions you might still have will be answered. Here are the basics:
  • Vine Street members and friends will meet in groups of three, ten times between Memorial Day and Labor Day (hence the name, Summer of Prayer).

  • Each triplet will be responsible for scheduling and facilitating their ten meetings, and there will be a detailed outline for each of the ten approximately 90-minute sessions.

  • Prayer is a significant part of each meeting, but the prayer time is informed by open dialogue about our dreams and visions for Vine Street.

  • The groups are arranged to reflect different age generations, tenure in the participants’ connection with Vine Street, church backgrounds, and theological perspectives.

  • Participants commit to enter into a no-exit relationship with two other Vine Streeters, i.e., each person in a triplet will agree to stay actively connected with their partners for this phase of The Journey.
To sign up for a prayer triplet, complete this online form.