Prayer concerns

Carolyn Binkley is back in the hospital with serious pulmonary problems. Please keep her, Phoebe, and Bob in your thoughts and prayers.

Elsa Rose Bentrup was born to Benjamin and Amelia Bentrup  on September 11. She was born at home, weighing 6 lbs and 18'' long. Mom and baby are doing well. Siblings Heidi, Greta and John are excited about the new baby. And grandma Pat is happy to share the news - but she has to lay low for a couple of weeks. She just learned that she has a cracked pelvic bone. She has everything she needs for the time being, but it grateful for your prayers.

Mark and Dana West became good friends during our prison:360 about a year ago; we also met some of the women who live at the Rivera House. We ask for prayers for their good work both inside and outside Tennessee prisons. Their current newsletter contains a remarkable letter from an inmate, Ken Parnell.