Just City 360

Dynamic growth in our city has meant new opportunities for Nashville’s residents, and yet a severe lack of affordable housing continues to plague the Metro area. Major changes to Nashville’s downtown and urban neighborhoods signal what some call revitalization, while others worry about what such change means for the homeless and for low-income residents whose neighborhoods have become hip.

Growth and change may be signs of a robust local economy, but how can we make sure they signal a just local economy? And how does all this connect to the church’s mission? These are some of the questions we’ll explore during Just City 360.

The series kicks off on Sunday, March 9 at 9:30 a.m. in Fellowship Hall as Vine Street welcomes Dr. Jim Fraser, a professor at Vanderbilt University’s Department of Human and Organizational Development (Peabody College). An engaging and thought-provoking teacher, Dr. Fraser will walk us through an Urban Planning 101 conversation with a particular focus on affordable housing.

Additional guest speakers will share this work with us, and many events will happen during Christian Education on Sunday morning and during Wednesday Nights at Vine Street. Here are some highlights:

March 5           Ash Wednesday Prayers: Worship at Vine Street Christian Church

March 12         Below the Surface: Scott Potter (Metro Water Services)

March 16         The City in the Old Testament: Jonathan Redding (Vanderbilt University)

March 19         Affordable Housing in Nashville: Rev. Bill Barnes

March 23         The City in the Gospel of Luke: Dr. Amanda Miller (Belmont University)

March 25         Nashville Next: Dr. Rick Bernhardt (Metro Planning Department)

March 26         Planning With Neighbors: Julia Landstreet (Nashville Civic Design Center)

March 30         A Guided Walk Through Downtown: Rev. Lindsey Krinks (Street Chaplain)

April 6              A Guided Walk Through Chestnut Hill and Napier neighborhoods

April 9              Cohousing Comes To Nashville: Diana Sullivan (Germantown Cohousing)

April 13            Jesus and the City: Dr. A. J. Levine (Vanderbilt University) (Palm Sunday)

April 18            Walking the Stations of the Cross on Nashville’s Streets (Good Friday)

For additional details, visit www.vinestreet.org/just-city-360.