Vine Street at Work

A look at how together we make a difference
By Ashley Dumas

A wonderful way Vine Street both shares its facilities while providing important ministry is through the Pastoral Counseling Center of Tennessee (PCCT). Vine Street founded PCCT in 1985 to provide affordable, professional counseling in
 middle Tennessee. PCCT
 has several locations in the
 Nashville area, but its main
 office is on Vine Street’s
 campus in the Fitzpatrick 
House. It has been our
 neighbor for the last 29 years.

The work at PCCT is unique 
in that the counselors are not only licensed clinicians in a mental health field, but they also have in-depth religious and theological training. The mission of PCCT is “to restore lives to wholeness—mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.” The staff provides individual, marital and family therapy, and services for Spanish-speaking clients are offered, too. 
Last year the Vine Street location served 400 clients, totaling 1,596 sessions of counseling and $125,000 of financial assistance. In addition, you may recall Vine Street donated $7,500 last year to PCCT, which was made possible by a generous gift left by Mrs. Hallie Warner. This gift provided 111 sessions to senior adult clients in need of financial assistance. PCCT is committed to helping all who are in need of counseling regardless of their financial situation, and it offers a sliding scale fee option for those who need financial assistance.

Pastoral Counseling Center of Tennessee is a major ministry Vine Street Christian Church supports right here on our campus.