Buckets of Love for a Cleaner Tomorrow

Let's do this? Yes, it's done! Vine Street Christian Church recently received generous donations from participants to create more than four dozen Church World Service clean-up buckets on Sunday, Sept. 24! Filled with household items useful for deep cleaning, these buckets of love benefit individuals devastated by recent storms, as in Texas, Louisiana, Florida and beyond.

Church World Service is a longtime ministry partner of Vine Street Christian Church. Participants have also donated recently to Week of Compassion.org to help with recent relief efforts around the world.

Because of our belief in God's grace, Vine Street is committed to serving our neighbors locally and globally, striving to advocate for justice and wholeness in a fragmented world. We offer outreach ministry opportunities to participants of all ages. Local Nashville ministry partners include Room in the Inn, Open Table and Luke 14:12.

photos: Johanna Keith