Hanging of the Greens Morning Service Dec. 4

My heart sings when I see the Moravian star above the baptistery, its warm invitation shining in the darkness. In fact, my heart begins to sing when I just think about that star and the journey it charts for us.

Over the past few years, we have raised the star at the conclusion of an intimate worship service late in the afternoon of the First Sunday of Advent. We told stories about evergreens and poinsettias, bells and candles. We sang some of our favorite carols and adorned the sanctuary for Advent and Christmas.

This year, we will gather for the Hanging of the Greens during morning worship on Dec. 4, the Second Sunday of Advent. We are confident that the earlier time will allow more of our young friends to participate. It won’t be dark outside when we raise the star this year, but it will be a magical moment nonetheless.

The Lord is coming. O come let us behold him!

—Thomas Kleinert