Arrangements Announced for Dr. Wayne Bell

Dr. Bell

Dr. Bell

The Rev. Dr. Wayne Bell died Monday, April 17. Dr. Bell served as the senior minister of Vine Street Christian Church from 1960-1974.

The funeral will be this Sunday, April 23 at 4:30 p.m. at Central Christian Church, 205 East Short Street, Lexington, Kentucky.

While he was serving Vine Street, Dr. Bell’s ministry guided the congregation through the difficult civil rights issues of the times, further shaping Vine Street’s commitment to justice and equality matters—a legacy that continues today. Dr. Bell also established our continuing ministerial intern program, which has nurtured many students who have gone on to serve in church- and nonprofit-related roles.

After Vine Street, Dr. Bell served as the president of Lexington Theological Seminary (Kentucky) from 1974-1986.

Our Wayne H. Bell Lectureship on Ministry, established in 1992, honors the enduring influence of Dr. Bell's contributions to all forms of Christian ministry.

Vine Street is making a memorial gift to Lexington Theological Seminary to honor Dr. Bell. Would you like to make a donation? Write a check (put “Dr. Bell” on the memo line) and drop it off at the church. Or, make a one-time online donation at our website.

If you would like to send Virginia and the Bell family a note, please call or email the church office for the address. We will also include the address in Sunday’s worship bulletin.

Please hold Virginia, the Bell family, and all who love Dr. Bell in your prayers. May God be with all who watch or weep or mourn this night.

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photo credit: John Lynner Peterson