Five Things to Know About Our Ministry Moving Forward

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Vine Street Christian Church announces the sale of a portion of our property to Montgomery Bell Academy is complete. On behalf of the congregation, Official Board chair Julia Keith signed the paperwork, as did a representative from MBA.

Closing the deal fulfills a multi-year congregational process to discern wise stewardship of our resources and to imagine greater mission to our community. It marks, too, the fulfillment of the congregational vote on Jan. 29, 2017 to sell approximately 3.5 acres to the school so we may reduce expenses and boost our income. Vine Street retains approximately 1.5 acres, and we look forward to many years of ministry from our current 4101 Harding Pike location!

Numerous people dedicated too many hours to count in order for this moment to occur. At the risk of missing someone, we want you to know their names. Ed Cole chaired the property negotiation task force, which included Stephen Moseley, Norma Warren, Reggie Hill, Charlie Biter and Thomas Kleinert. Ed chaired, too, an earlier task force exploring and presenting various options for our property. That group included Charlie Biter, Carol Doidge, Reggie Hill, Joe Keith, Thomas Kleinert, Lise Matthews, Jeff Miller, Stephen Moseley, Greg Rumburg, Bill Tallent, Jack Wallace, Norma Warren and Kathy Zamata.

A special thanks goes to local attorney Charley Reasor Jr., who served as our legal counsel throughout the negotiations and closing—and did so as a gift to the congregation.


Moving Ahead: 5 Things to Know Now that the Deal is Complete

1) The closing of this property sale completes one of the 15 key strategies supporting our future story for vibrant ministry in Nashville and beyond—a plan we know as “Living Our Call.” Our Implementation Team, along with the Official Board, continues to oversee this Living Our Call strategic process, thanks to 2017-18 members Katie McLaughlin, Amanda Miller, Malinda Moseley, Jeff Miller, Thomas Kleinert and Jim Carls, chair.

2) The sale proceeds have been deposited at our bank. The Official Board will, in the near future, make decisions about how that money will be utilized. It will be guided by anticipated reports from the Financial Futures Task Force, the Endowment Task Force, and the Building Committee (see point 4).

3) We will have access to 100 spaces in the main lot along Montgomery Bell Ave. on Sunday mornings. We also have access to this lot during church-related events. A shared-use agreement between Vine Street and MBA describes fully our access to parking moving forward, as well as other opportunities for sharing spaces.

4) The Building Committee continues to work on plans for revitalizing Vine Street’s building and grounds. Formed last spring, the group includes Erica Hayden, Joe Keith, Melissa Freeman, Sarah Matthews, Stephen Moseley, Tim Crenshaw, Kelly Byrnes, Julia Keith, Hope Hodnett, Thomas Kleinert and Ed Cole, chair. Soon the committee will seek additional input from the congregation, following up on our congregational event in May.

5) Changes are coming to the surrounding property. The Fitzpatrick House and the Youth Wing, both part of the property sale, will be demolished this fall or early winter. MBA will be submitting for approval a demolition plan and the follow-up landscape plan to the Building Renewal Committee. It was heartwarming to share time with everyone who came out to the July 23 reception, giving us a chance to remember fondly all the memories and ministry achieved through the Fitz House! A huge thanks, too, to our youth, college students and grads who worked hard with Hope Hodnett to move items out of the Youth Wing and to benefit Emily Crenshaw’s fundraiser for her upcoming Peace Corp work!

Thank you for being part of this rewarding season in the life of Vine Street Christian Church!


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