Senior Ride Nashville

Senior Ride Nashville, a terrific new transportation option for seniors in Davidson County, will celebrate its first anniversary in just a few weeks. Under the headline "Back to school with Ms. Pat", a recent rider spotlight featured Vine Street's own Pat Bentrup:

Pat Bentrup.jpg

On a recent ride, Pat Bentrup went back to school with her volunteer driver. She recalled her successful school board campaign in 1982. In winning that year, Ms. Pat was one of two female members ever "elected" to Metro Schools' Board of Education, a seat she retained for nine years. Before 1982, board members were appointed to seats and a few females had earned those appointments. However, Bentrup and Dorothy Gupton (who also was elected to a seat the same year) were the first females to campaign and win.

The real kicker is that Pat had never run for any position, she had no children in school (yet), and she was going door-to-door campaigning while six months pregnant. It was her late husband, Henry (shown with her in a photo taken during her tenure on the Board), that neighbors thought should run for a seat on the board. He however suggested that Pat run instead.

"My oldest child was about to start school at Rosebank Elementary, and I had some friends in the area -- those were pretty much my qualifications," says Pat. "I was surprised I won, but I was very happy to serve."

She ended up sending five kids through Metro Schools and ran several more successful campaigns. Bentrup served Metro Schools until 1990 and says she is proud of her accomplishments during her time on the board. We at Senior Ride are proud of her too.

To learn more about Senior Ride Nashville, visit their website. Volunteers are the backbone of this growing organization, and perhaps you will be the newest addition to their pool of drivers!