Back to school... already


In worship on Sunday, we'll bless the backpacks and the kiddos, teachers, and college-bound students who carry them. Come and worship with us at 10 a.m., and make sure the backpacks don't get left under the bed!

Sunday school kick-off

We gather in our fellowship hall at 9 a.m. to kick off the new year in style! We'll have juice, coffee, donuts, fruit - so you can come straight from the shower!


The end of the summer break also means that our Sunday morning Christian education opportunities for all ages are resuming! Starting Sunday, August 25, the adult class will be exploring the Enneagram, an ancient tool that highlights spiritual and personality types (ennea is Greek for “nine”). After two sessions of introduction, each week one of the nine types will be discussed in class. The Enneagram has seen a resurgence in interest in recent years, and many find it immensely helpful in better understanding themselves and others.

Ministry Council

Our Ministry Council has a single purpose: to help us plan, do, and evaluate our ministry. It meets 6-8 times a year, each time with a focus on just one area of our common ministry like outreach, worship, communication, or education. At the first meeting on Wednesday, August 21 anyone involved in any capacity in any of our ministries is encouraged to come. We will have a meal, and most of the evening will be dedicated to a review and update of our strategic plan. This plan has guided our work for three years, and our goal is to update it for the next three years due to two fortunate challenges: the celebration of our 200th anniversary in 2020 and the disruptions presented by our building renovation plans. In the past, this kind of work would have been done by the Official Board. Under our new governance structure, the Administrative Council takes care of all financial, building, and personnel matters (things to do with the resourcing of our ministry), allowing the Ministry Council to focus exclusively on the doing of ministry! We envision that, just as worship is the beating heart of our congregational life, the Ministry Council will be the imaginative, creative, and dedicated center of our work and play. We hope you will make plans to join us on Wednesday, August 21, at 6:30 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. We will make time to share a meal and get to know each other before we jump right into a review of the 15 key strategies of our strategic plan.