Back to school - already? Here's the news of the week

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The Fellowship of Twelve is Vine Street’s annual program of leadership development, now in its third year. The stated program goals are

Deepen my inclusion and participation in the Vine Street community

Expand my knowledge and experience of leadership for the Vine Street Christian Church

Over the course of a year, participants build relationships and engage with topics like Bible, Governance, Personalities, Ministry of Presence, Public Speaking, Disciples History & Identity, Dollars & Sense, Prayer, and more.

This year’s class will “graduate” in June 2020; they are Abi Flowers, Quentin Flowers, Melanie Gao (presenter), Jackie Halstead (convener/presenter), Julia Keith, Thomas Kleinert (convener/presenter), Lester McNatt, Kathy Perry, Scott Perry, Micah Snow, Betsy von Dohlen, and Erin Wurzelbacher.


If you have not yet, please let us know about your child’s (or children’s) and youth’s participation in Sunday School and/or Children’s choir pronto! Knowing this helps us make sure we have enough (but not too much!) curriculum, supplies, and volunteers so we can best prepare for the year ahead. You can register at


Starting August 25, we’ll be facilitating family programming twice a month after church. We’ll share a meal and conversation together, spend time learning and fellowshipping with our own age groups for programming (Children K-5 will do children’s choir, parents/grandparents will have an opportunity to meet/connect/discuss parent-y things, and youth will have the opportunity for age specific programming), and gather together to close in prayer. The hope is that this will help children, youth, and families meet in ways that are helpful, fun, and emotionally significant (living into our goal of increasing small groups).

Our friends at Alameda

During a big storm earlier this summer, the spire of Alameda Christian Church was knocked over by heavy winds, leaving a gaping hole and causing additional damage when it hit the roof. Because of rain damage to the sanctuary and several adjacent rooms, carpet and drywall had to be removed, making much of the church unsafe to use. Our friends at Alameda had to cancel their Vacation Bible School, but that didn’t stop them from doing great ministry: they used the VBS funds to purchase school supplies and backpacks for a community Back-to-School Bash on Saturday! Way to go, Alameda.

Monday Men

Join us for a burger and beer at M.L. Rose on Charlotte on Monday, August 5, at 6 p.m. Monday Men is a monthly opportunity to drop in, enjoy a beverage, and talk with other Vine Street men about our day, things going on in the world, or the latest movie. If you’d like to hear some more, please talk to Thomas Kleinert.

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